Public Utility Services in Sagar

Sagar is settled around the lake Lakha Banjara, hence the name. It is one of the major cities of Madhya Pradesh. Basic amenities provided by the government to its people is through the local government and through public utilities. They help to make the life of the citizens comfortable.The state government aids the local administration to provide facilities like water, electricity, sanitation, transport, health care and many more to the residents. These are very important in the growth of the city. Efforts are on to develop the city of Sagar into an industrial town.

Utility services in Sagar

Sagar Nagar Nigam

It is the responsibility of the local municipality or the Nagar Nigam to take of the sanitation, roads, power, water supply and other public utilities. Since Sagar is being developed as an industrial town the local body is trying to improve and maintain the infrastructure to supply these amenities to the citizens. Soon the power supply will be privatized and the power distribution will be through Essel group. Efforts are being made to improve and develop more public toilets, provide better sanitation and pure drinking water.

Safety and Security in Sagar

Safety and Security in SagarThanks to the Sagar police, the city is apparently safe and secure. They are doing their utmost to maintain law and order in the whole of Sagar district. For this they have introduced a number of new programs. They request the co-operation of the locals to deliver their responsibilities. In order to make the city a better place to abode Sagar Police has formed Jan Sahayog Suraksha Samiti.
to keep tap on the happenings in and around the city. Police Jan Shikayat Prakoshth is another admiring initiative to achive the safety and security of the citizens of the town.

Supritendent of Police, Sagar

[email protected]

City Kotwali

Civil Line Sagar

Transport Services in Sagar

Sagar is the focal point of two national highways and many state highways. It is about a 190 kms from the state capital Bhopal. The roads are good as they fall on the tourist plan. Many buses run on the long route from Sagar to the major cities connecting to it. Sagar railway station is the main station in the region with trains running for Mumbai, Kolkata along with Bhopal, Indore and Jabalpur. A few passenger trains runs between Sagar and smaller towns of the district.Since the nearest airport is Bhopal, there are government and private taxis and buses available. It takes about 3-5 to reach the airport. In the city too, there are many cars, scooters and bikes. Other four wheeled vehicles are used as public transport as a nominal fare.

Healthcare in Sagar

Healthcare in Sagar

Earlier there was only one government hospital and a hospital in the army cantonment which provide medical facility to the people of Sagar. But now there are many private clinics and hospitals and nursing homes to take care of the ill. Bhagyoday Tirth, a hospital and research centre, run by a charitable trust, is equipped with the latest technology to provide health care in the district. Sagar also has many chemist shops, path-labs for the convenience of the citizens.

District Hospital
Address - Blood Bank, District Hospital, Sagar

Bhagyoday Tirth Hospital
Address - Bhagyoday Tirth Hospital Blood Bank, Khurai Rd, Sagar

Postal Service in Sagar

Post Offices in SagarSagar has well defined postal services. This include the speed post, courier service, money order along with all the prevalent service offered by the government postal services. Apart from this there are some private courier services also that add to the efficient postal services in the region.

Sagar Head Post Office
Address: Postmaster, Post Office Sagar cantt (Head office), Sagar, (MP), India (IN), Pin Code:- 470001

Madhur Courier Services
Address: 1st Floor, Nagar Nigam Market, Opposite Arya Samaj School, Gujrathi Bazar, Sagar, Gujrati Bazar, Sagar - 470002
Phone: +(91)-7582-404327, +(91)-9009955000

DTDC Couriers & Cargo Ltd
Address: Uttamraidio market, Near Neha chat center, Makroniyachouraha, Sagar, M.P. 470004
Contact No.: 9770043556

Telecommunication Services in Sagar

One cannot imagine life without a phone, mobile or landline, and internet services. Sagar has the services or BSNL and other private network providers for mobile and internet connections. Now a days one can find numerous internet cafe shops in and around the region. All this helps in the flow of communications in the region. Further one can also find many computer dealers in the city.

Banking Services in Sagar

Sagar has all the branches of all major government banks. These banks offer the services which all available in other towns. Since it is being developed as an industrial area, banks are necessary part of the scheme. There are also a number of ATM around the city to add conveniences to the general public. Further small shopping centres and market places for the convenience of the locals are present. There is now also a Mall which attracts many people. The local parks and a water –park are a major scene of activity especially during a holiday. A few movie halls are still operational.

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