Cuisines of Sagar

Whever traveling to Sagar in Madhya Pradesh you can enjoy the taste of the regional cuisines at various restaurants. The people of the region are more inclined towards vegetarian meals and here you can get taste of variety of Hindu and Jain dishes. People in Sagar are habitual to three meals a day. Before going to the fields, early in the day the villagers eat Kalewa. It consists of roti with gur or pickles and sattu (mixture of wheat and gram flour). The affluent also eat laddu, khurma, batiya, puri, milk among other things. The mid-day meal or lunch consists of the usual dal,roti, rice and seasonal vegetables. The supper is called Beyari and is again of roti and vegetables.

Food in Sagar

On special occasions and on festivals, sweet dishes made of rice, milk and refined sugar or gur are prepared. Luchai made of bread fried in ghee, bari-potato curry are also special preparations along with a variety of sweet dishes. Though, the communities who savour non-vegetarianfood, eat meat and fish sometimes. With the changing times, and the changes in the tastes of the youth, people now like to go out to dine. They like to sample the cuisines of various other countries too like Chinese, Thai, continental and American.

Restaurants in Sagar

Hotel Paradise:
Address: Deendayal Nagar, Makronia, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh
Phone no: 07582-262262

Hotel Ram Saroj Palace
Address:TilakGanj, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh

Hotel Deepali
Address:Makronia sagar, Madhya Pradesh
Contact No.:9302795012

Kuber Restaurant
Address:10 civil lines, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh

Bakeries in Sagar

The city is riddled with roadside eateries to suit every pocket. They serve chat, sweets, samosas and other rustic indian foods. Bharat Bakery and the Hurry Carry are two famous bakery stores of the town. They take orders for birthday cakes and arranges for confectioneries on order too.

Bharat Bakery
Address: Parkota, Sagar City, Sagar - 470002
Contact No.: +(91)-9827014060

Jain Juice Centre & Bakery
Address: Near Union Bank, Katra Bazar, Sagar, Katra Bazar, Sagar - 470002
Contact No.: +(91)-9981401333

Bibhav Bakery
Address: Vijay Tilak Road, Sagar H O, Sagar - 470001
Contact No.: +(91)-9406948916

Caterers in Sagar

Guru Ashirwad Caterers
Address:Keshavganj Ward, Opp Pappu Bakery, Sagar H O, Sagar – 470001
Phone: +(91)-9755378581

Mishra Cateres
Address:Sadbhawna Nagar, Sagar H O, Sagar – 470001
Phone: +(91)-9826225824

Aditya Tent House & Caterers
Address:6, Shastri Chowk, Sadar Bazaar, Sagar, Sagar H O, Sagar – 470001
Phone: +(91)-9827763083

Ashish Caters
Address:In Front Of Bc Banglow 10, Civil Lines, Sagar – 470001
Phone no: +(91)-9302911493

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