Business and Economy of Sagar

Sagar is a district that lies in the northern central region of Madhya Pradesh. It lies only one hundred eighty kilometers away from the state capital Bhopal. Sagar is an economically viable region and a large extent dependent on agriculture. Various agro based industries also contribute significantly in its economy. Because of hydro electric power stations in Madhya Pradesh Sagar does not face the problem of electricity shortage which plays pivotal role in raising its economy to next level.

Business and Economy of Sagar

Further Sagar is blessed with a variety of minerals to power the industrial growth. Major minerals found in Sagar are dolomite, iron ore, clay and rock phosphate. The minor minerals being stone (flag), stone crushed, stone boulder, sand and murom.

Agrarian Economy in Sagar

Agriculture forms the backbone of Sagar economy. Many districts completely rely on the income generated from the agriculture taken up in the city. The farmers use latest technologies pertaining to the sector of agriculture so that a healthy crop is obtained. A strong agriculture economy has led to the improvement in the living standards of people living in the city of Sagar.The chief crops grown here are chickpeas, wheat, oilseeds and soghum. Sagar is also into poultry farming, animal husbandry, dairy farming, fisheries, forestry and cattle fairs.With many proposed large and small scale industries, the economy of Sagar is bound to grow at a fast pace. It is also a major hub for useful minerals. Due to its scenic beauty and proximity to Khajuraho tourism also contributes in strengthening its economy. In Madhya Pradesh, Sagar is the sixteenth largest district in size.

Trade and Industry in Sagar

Sagar has a few medium categories and a plethora of small scale industries. In the district, there are four main industries of medium category. These are: vegetable oil, refined oil, straw board and a single super phosphate fertilizer. There is an investment of nearly fifteen crore rupees on these industries. The number of small scale industries that have been registered in this district is nearly ten thousand.

Economy of Sagar

These small scale industries mainly manufacture steel utensils, detergent cake and powder, agricultural equipments, welding electrodes, plastic goods, alum, caustic soda, solvent plant, granite stone, pipes, acrylic sheets, PVC cable, acrylic products, incense sticks, all purpose flour etc. Bidi (A traditional Tobacco used in India) making is one of the most traditional and eminent business in Sagar and is done almost all over Sagar. The Bharat Petroleum Corporation has proposed to establish oil refinery in the Agasod village of Bina tehsil with a capacity of six million metric tons. Bharat Petroleum Corporation is looking to invest about seven thousand crores into this project. The Hindustan Power Development Corporation is also in the process to set up a thermal power station in Bina tehsil. The company has all the necessary clearance for this project. The company has already acquired 1719 acres of land for this purpose and construction is already in full swing.

Infrastructural Development in Sagar

Infrastructure is the key to the growth of economy. An exceptional infrastructure is also essential for improving the quality of life of people and utilizing the resources efficiently. Fortunately for Sagar district, the government of Madhya Pradesh understands it.The key focus of the government is now on building the required infrastructure. Steps are being taken to achieve excellent connectivity through rail, road and air. Also, steps are taken to achieve strong power and telecom network.Sagar district has three major railway stations. The three major Railway stations are Sagar railway station, Katni railway station and Bina railway station. The Sagar railway station which the primary railway station lies in the middle of Katni and Bina railway stations, linking northern India to central and southern India.
Railway station. Bina railway station serves the Delhi-Bhopal rail route and Katni serves the Ahmedabad-Itarasi rail route. The Sagar railway station serves trains from Mumbai, Kolkata, Jabalpur, Bhopal and Indore.

Sagar district is the center point of two national highways and many state highways. It is directly connected with Jhansi using national highway 26. On the state highway, the capital city of Bhopal is only about hundred ninety kilometers away from Sagar. Khajuraho, which is a well known tourist destination, is about two hundred kilometers from Sagar. Buses are available from Sagar to Jabalpur, Gwalior, Damoh and Banda.

Sagar is well served by telecommunication lines. The mobile connectivity is usually of good quality throughout the region. Thanks to the efforts by the Madhya Pradesh government the access to internet and the data speed is also of high quality in Sagar.
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