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Social Welfare Organisations in Sagar

Advanced telecommunication facilities, excellent commutation facilities, affordable air travel, social media etc are supposed to bring people together and make this world a small place to live. Modern technology was supposed to have made life easier and help our society grow by bringing people together.

However, statistical data as well as common observation has shown the result has been absolutely opposite. With the advent of modern technologies and social media people are going farther from each other. The demands of the modern society are having its own effect. It has crushed our fundamental social structure.

Consequently people that include women, orphans and old people are left alone needing care and financial security. Fortunately for a small city like Sagar this problem is not so big. The society has not grown to such level where such problem has grown beyond measure.

Besides the numerous NGOs, Orphanages, Women welfare organizations of the city helps to alleviate such problems. A Non Governmental Organization commonly known as NGO is set up to help the people in need.

Sagar being a small city of Madhya Pradesh is home to NGOs, orphanages, old age homes, women welfare centers. These are set up to help those people who are deprived of the basic necessities and are poverty stricken.

NGOs in Sagar

NGOs are people based associations that operate independent of the Government. These non government organizations generally deal with issues related to the society. The NGO’s primarily work for environment protection, providing fund reliefs for natural disasters, towards education of children and women welfare. There are several NGO’s in Sagar city. One of them is the Bhagyoday Teerath Trust. This trust mainly focuses on education, environment protection, slum issues and consumer interests.

Many other NGOs in Sagar are:
  • Shubh Onkar Prathamik Evam Academic Samiti which is located in Gandhi Chowk.
  • Dadda Ji Jan Kalyan Evam Sahyog Samiti,
  • Career Motivation Center,
  • Shri Krishna Lok Sanskritik Vikash Sansthan,
  • Devprabha Sarvoday Jankalyan Sanstha,
  • Pehal,
  • Progressive Educational and Social Organization
are some of the organizations which are thickly involved in helping people in need.

Orphanages and Old Age Homes in Sagar

With a population of over two million people, there is also a section of people who live below the poverty line. There are even some poor children who do not have parents. Orphanages come to rescue such kids.

Orphanages are the institutions that are dedicated to take care of children who are left all alone. These orphanages take care of their food, health and education and help them grow into responsible citizens.

They see to it that the children are getting enough nutrition in their diet and are healthy. Orphanages in Sagar also involve their children in various extracurricular activities.

Women Welfare Organisations in Sagar

Since ages women have been denied their rights. Women have been considered inferior to men. But as time is passing, women have created their own identity. Women have excelled in all fields. Sagar has some women organizations that work for the welfare of women and children. They work towards women empowerment and betterment of the society as a whole.

Abhinaytosh Mahila Bal Vikas Samiti Sagar is an organization that provides women and children the basic necessities such as food, clothing and shelter. It also works towards women rights and justice. Darshna Kalyan Mahila Samiti and PRS Welfare Society are also women and children welfare organisations in Sagar.

Sagar is a small city with a total population of over two millions. Amongst them one and a half million people are literate which approximately mirrors the literacy rate of the country.

No matter how many NGOs, Orphanage, old age homes we build, the society cannot be improved unless the atomic part of the society improves. In order to have a healthy society there should be ample amount of cohesiveness among the people.


The people in a community should be supportive and interact positively in order to have a healthy social surrounding. Due to growth and advancement of technology and busy lifestyles, people are getting more and more detached from the society they live in. Luckily all this is changing.

Even some of the private companies in Sagar are involving themselves in philanthropic activities and are contributing financially to the NGOs working within the city. They are working to improve the basic social condition prevailing within the city.

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