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About Sagar

Sagar is a picturesque and extremely beautiful city located in Madhya Pradesh. Being the administrative headquarters of Sagar district, the city enjoys well develop infrastructure along with eminent educational system. The city got its name from the lake around which it is settled. During old British era, it was named as ‘Saugor’, but was changed to ‘Sagar’ after independence. It is placed in Vindhya Range, is 181kms northeast from Bhopal, and is exactly 1758ft above sea level. Sagar is an imperative trading destination for range of agricultural products. Ghee processing, flour and oil mill, engineering works and handloom weaving are other major industries operating in Sagar. It holds celebrated contribution towards Hindi literature and hosts numerous poets, writers and leading artists in different fields.

Administration in Sagar

As far as the administrative status of the city is concerned, it is a multifunctional region having trade-cum-commerce industries in its set up. The local municipality department of Sagar is responsible for conducting its administrative works. The region also holds its ULB known as Sagar ULB, which was set up in 1931 and consists of 31 wards each with respective numbers of councilors. Numerous sub divisional offices of the state government are located in Sagar, all of which are supervised and handled by the municipal corporation of Sagar.

Municipal Corporation Sagar
Infront of Excellence School, Court Road
Sagar (M.P.) - 470001
Phone - 07582-229454
Email: commsagar@mpurban.gov.in
Website: https://www.sagarmunicipalcorporation.com/govtwebsites.html

Sagar: Past and Present

Sagar came into light when it was made capital by the Maratha governor Govind Pant Bundele who established himself here in 1735. When Maratha were sided by English Est India Company the region too become a part of the company provinces. The town was then declared as the capital of Nerbudda territories and Saugor and was associated with North-Western Provinces.During the famous revolt of 1857, the entire district was in possession of rebels except the fort and town. Finally, after complete defeat of rebels the British ruled in the region till March 1858.

About Sagar

In the early 20th century, Sagar secures a British cantonment, which was inclusive of a detachment of European regiment, battery of artillery, native infantry regiment and native cavalry. The Berar and Central Provinces became part of state Madhya Pradesh after India gained independence in 1947.Presently, the city is moving rapidly towards development in industrial sector with involvement of numerous novel corporate companies grounding their plants within the city’s boundaries. The excellent quality of high education offered herein is also a reason for its growing popularity.

Geography and Climate of Sagar

The city of Sagar locates at 23.83°N 78.71°E and has an average elevation of 594 metres (1,949 ft). While the total area of the city is 49 square kilometres (19 sq mi). and the area covered by Sagar Division is 6,375 square kilometres (2,461 sq mi). It is the 6th largest city of Madhya Pradesh. Small forests, lakes, waterfalls and hillsides make its geographical arena more appealing and scenic. As far as the climate of Sagar city is concerned it enjoys humid subtropical climate . For this reason, the summers are too hot while monsoons little cooler and cool cosy winters. The region experience heavy rainfall during months of June to September. Read More

Art and Culture in Sagar

Rich and traditional Bundeli culture is followed in the beautiful city of Sagar. The culture is little bit mixed with wonderful Hindu culture which gives the overall culture of Sagar city an interesting uniqueness. Folk songs, folk dances, folk arts, musical instruments and numerous festivals celebrated in the region showcase the real rich culture followed herein.

Informations on Sagar

Diwari, Ravalya, Badhai, Raai, Dul-dul Ghodi are major forms of folk dances that are performed in the city. Bundeli and Hindi are major languages spoken in Sagar city and they form a major part of Sagar’s culture heritage. There are also promotional fairs organized by culture department of the city where these dance forms are performed. Delicacies such as sweets made in Desi ghee are enjoy in Sagar city. Read More

Festivals of Sagar

Sagar city hosts range of colorful festivals, which local people celebrate with great show and pomp.
Holi is another festival celebrated with great zeal in city of Sagar. Besides these, the city also celebrates Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi and other Ganesh festivals at large pace and with great joy in varied months of the year.

Sagar Tourism

Sagar city is popular for its rich cultural heritage. This is a semi urban place, which offers travelers the opportunity to enjoy richness of nature along with comfort of urban lifestyle. Sagar is surrounded by clean and beautiful Lakha Banjara Lake which adds charm to the entire area. You can also hangout at cultural shops or undertake village expeditions and boating trips to enjoy within city boundaries.
The city also encompasses scenic hilly regions and therefore secures plenty of serene spots to watch.

Sagar Tourism

Garhphra Temples, Rahatgarh Waterfalls, Khhimlasa Forts are some major places to see in Sagar. There is also a novel tourist attraction in Sagar city – Varun Smriti Udhyaan. This is a newly developed and exotic resort just 12kms away from the place.Water parks, nightclubs, outdoor and indoor games, landscape views, flower and fruits gardens and outing activities like picnic are some of the major treats offered by this resort. It is also an excellent place for shopping. Finely made handicrafts and tempting desserts like Chironji ki barfi can be enjoyed at Sagar.

Shopping in Sagar

The beautiful Sagar city is a perfect hub for shopaholics. There are ample numbers of exclusive range of shops in the city with splendid street outlets. One can shop for cultural handmade items from small independent handicraft stores. The street shops are also famous for antique shops and handmade cloth and jewelry pieces. If you come to Sagar then surely you need to buy the famous sweet of Chironji ki Barfi. It can be purchased from Choudhary Mishthaan Bhandar at Teen batti katra bazaar.Gujarati namkin and Makeshwari tea at Bhagwanganj are other items to shop for at Sagar. You can also shop for trendy ready made clothes for both men and women. Karachi work sarees are attractive piece of clothing to shop from Sagar. Read More

Transportation in Sagar

A well-developed transportation system is what that adds to growth and development of Sagar city. Sagar city is well connected to other parts via road, railways and airways. People who wish to travel here can select from diverse range of transportation means according to their requirement and budget.
The Sagar Railway Station is the main railway spot of the city that serves train connecting to Calcutta, Mumbai, Indore, Jabalpur and Bhopal. Close to this railway station is another station of Sagar city, known as Bina. From Bina station one can get trains for Jhansi, Delhi, Agra, Mathura, Jammu, Bangalore, Bhopal, Chennai, Hyderabad, Goa and other southern and northern cities of India.
Excellent road transportation means are also available for travelers.

Transportation in Sagar

Sagar city is a focal point for two national highways as well as numerous state highways. It is at distance of about 200km to Jhansi. 190km to Bhopal on national highway 26 and about 70km to Bina, 180km to Jabalpur and 200km to Khajuraho on state highway. One can easily visit famous places such as Sanchi stupa, Kanha forest, Khajuraho through self-driven vehicles from Sagar. There are also buses available to travel long distances from Sagar to Damoh, Bhopal, Gwalior, Jabalpur, Jhansi and Banda. The airports at Khajuraho and Jabalpur are nearest to Sagar city, each of them being at a distance of about 180 to 200kms. Recently, an air-strip at Dhana which as at 15km from Sagar is planned which is propose to expand and operate in coming years. Read More

Entertainment and Nightlife in Sagar

Sagar is an excellent place in Madhya Pradesh that is full of entertainment. The city possess beautiful parks, one of which offers the ease to view the serene beauty of great lake of the city. There are also plenty of structures such as temples, mosques, gurudwaras and churches which tourist and worship conveniently. Since, 22% of the city’s population is Jain so there are very good Jain temples also available.
Entertainment and Nightlife in Sagar

There is also an excellent stadium, mall at the historical cantonment area and a sports complex, which makes it an ideal place to travel for sports lovers.Cine cinemas, Alankar talkies are major cinema halls, which are complimented with well-organized and developed markets. There are also plenty of good restaurants to eat. One can even enjoy local street food at very low rates.

Above all, the tourism in Sagar is excellently maintain and offers travelers the opportunity to enjoy and relax in nature’s beauty. So, for those who want to enjoy all aspects of nature’s beauty without compromising on comfort of urban living then Sagar is the ultimate destination to land on.

Sagar at a glance

State: Madhya Pradesh
Languages Spoken: Hindi, Bundeli
Altitude: 427m
Best Time to Visit: Winters, November to January
Telephone Code: 91 7582
Locations: 23.83°N 78.71°E

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